Shelly Mortensen is one of the Redwood Coast's leading watercolorists. She began as a self taught watercolorist in 1990 and is currently pursuing her Art degree.

She has many awards and accreditations to go along with consistent sales and shows.

Roaming freely while being raised on a California coastal ranch inspired Shelly's love of plants and flowers. She also acquired an interest in art and color early in her life but was never able to pursue it until she moved with her family to Stone Lagoon in Humboldt County, California.

Shelly is deeply dedicated to the innovation of Flower Essence Watercolor Art as a new medium in vibrational color use and will begin offering workshops starting in the summer of 2003. If you would like more information about them or about ordering her latest work, or commisioning other works please email Shelly.
Statement from Shelly:

Dr. Edward Bach was an English physician who lived early in this century. His research and life have inspired many people. With his genius and deep dedication to humanity he reintroduced the very ancient system of using flower essences in healing and conscious growth. My love of nature has brought me to study and appreciate Dr. Bach's work. While exploring the nature of etheric patterns different flowers leave in water, the idea of using the water in watercolor work was born. I present them here for examination and any input of the impressions they invoke.

With the sun method of preparation, the flower transfers an etheric imprint; nothing that can be seen under a regular microscope. If you took a Kirlian photograph, or possibly just an infrared picture immediately after removing the flower from a bowl you would see a ghost-like imprint of the flower with small trailings of light connected to the water. In this work, you are working strictly with the ethereal vibration of the plant, the intelligence of it. The sun, upon striking the water, melds into the water the life force of the flower, and this is transferred to people when they assimilate these vibrational essences.

Shelly recently spent a long week end at the Morris Graves Foundation in Loleta, Ca.
She feels she has created her masterpiece work there while living and working in his studio. The Lakes Panals are flower essence watercolors using Tiffany Rose Essence from Crystal Radiance Essence Manufacturers in Pittsburg, Pa. These panals are streched on a Japanese Four Panal Screen to maximize the effect.

Shelly is currently applying for residency at Jentel Wyoming to work with Living Earth Alchemy's Owl, Hawk and Wolverine Essence from Norway.
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