August 2003

Pelican Bay and the Smith River with Lotus Essence:

What a surprise the Lotus Blossom was to work with. I really thought it was going to be very light, airy and fairy - like. I expected cotton candy pink visions with rose haze highlights because that is how the Lotus blossom smells. What I got was the reality of the Lotus: MUD. Wonderful, rich, deep, soulful MUD. It prevailed no matter how careful I was to protect the light. It wanted to express it's mudfulness. The dense, thickness of the leaf and the sucking of the nutrients of the watery earth impacted me as I painted. I felt humbled before it. However, the painting did settled down to a very soft, pixie dust- like,cotton candy that I had suspected all along but was hidden in the mud. Now it comes through in a cloud like glow. Soft, but dense like a mushroom which grows near the mud.

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