April 2003

Trinidad Head with Bay Laurel Essence:

Working with the Bay Laurel essence is like a good, long, meditation. It takes you to places you are connected to on the inner planes. There is a very strong grandmother connection with this powerful essence. It helps one to know their direction. I wonder if the 500 year old Bay Laurel on the bluff below the Trinidad lighthouse directed the Spainish Explorers here.

The original wooden cross was erected on June 9, 1775 as a Land Claim Marker by Spanish captains Hegeta and Bodega for Charles the Third, by the grace of god, King of Spain. The current cross was carved out of white granite from Rocklin, Ca. It was shipped from Sacramento to Eureka, then by rail to Trinidad and finally by horse drawn cart to its present location where it was erected on behalf of the Federation of Women's Club in 1913.

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